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call for artists Midsummer nights dream

June 14th, 2010

SHOW DATES: Friday July 2, 2010 through Sunday, August 1, 2010

SHOW LOCATION: AZ Gallery, 308 Prince Street, #130, St. Paul, MN 55101

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 22, 2010

ENTRY FEE: $25.00 for 1st entry, $7.50 for 2nd entry, $5.00 for 3rd entry (up to 3 entries per artist)

ABOUT THE SHOW: The exhibition seeks artists to create art based upon their interpretation of the theme “A Midsummers Night’s Dream”. Artists are free to interpret this theme in their own way. Anticipated artwork will include interpretations of love, royalty, moon light, woodland forests, celebrations of love, magic, and summer, fantasy, dreams, and enchantment. References or interpretations of quotations from Shakespeare’s play are encouraged.

AWARDS: The following awards will be presented:

Gallery Member’s Choice Award: The chosen artist will receive an opportunity to display artwork during the month of October 2010 including during the Fall 2010 St Paul ArtCrawl. Value $250 (can not be exchanged for cash – valid only during the month of October 2010).

Merit Award: $75.00.

People’s Choice Award: (certificate).

ELIGIBILITY: Open to artists 18 years or older living in the United States. No artwork created based upon photos taken by others – the artwork must be the work of the artist. All forms of painting, sculpture, drawing, prints (i.e. block prints, lithographs), graphics, photography, textiles, batiks, and ceramics are accepted (no video or giclee prints; no artwork that requires custom installation or assembly). Inappropriate subject matter is not acceptable (tasteful nudes allowed). AZ Gallery reserves the right to determine acceptability and eligibility of artwork. Work must be original and have been completed within the last three years. Each artist may submit up to three entries, not to exceed 48 inches in any dimension, including frame. All artwork must be for sale (AZ Gallery commission is 30%).
No price changes may be made after entries are accepted.

ACCEPTED WORK: All accepted work must have the artist’s name and title affixed to either the back or underside. Work must be delivered to the gallery at stated times. 3D work must fit through a standard door (no installation pieces) (please email ahead regarding extremely heavy pieces). No sharp edges or features that could be damaging to small children. All hanging work must have proper hardware attached (D-Rings hangers, saw tooth hanger or picture wire). Accepted entries must remain on exhibit for the duration of the show unless sold and the purchaser chooses to remove the artwork prior to the end of the show. Artists who desire to insure their work must make their own arrangements. The artist agrees upon acceptance into the exhibit that AZ Gallery will not be held responsible for loss, damage, or negligence. Artists are encouraged to obtain their own insurance.

ENTRY PROCEDURE: Submit your work using these easy steps:

1.) Enclose a SASE if you would like your submission material returned.

2.) One image for each 2D entry and up to three images for each 3D entry. Image can be in the form of a photograph, slide or JPEG image (300 dpi preferred with maximum size of 2MB each image formatted for PC compatibility) on CD. If submitting a CD, write your name on the CD and include only artwork to be submitted to the exhibit. Indicate the artist’s name and the top on all photos and slides. Images on CD should be in their proper orientation when opened. Images must be named: LastName_FirstInitial_EntryLetter.JPG (i.e. Smith_J_A.JPG).

3.) One Entry Form (max of 3) with the following information:

First and Last Name
City, State & Zip
Email Address
Phone Number

Entry A:

Title of Work
Retail Price (be sure price includes the 30% commission, if sold by the gallery). NFS acceptable.
Approximate Finished Dimensions

Entry B:

Title of Work
Retail Price (be sure price includes the 30% commission, if sold by the gallery). NFS acceptable.
Approximate Finished Dimensions

Entry C:

Title of Work
Retail Price (be sure price includes the 30% commission, if sold by the gallery). NFS acceptable.
Approximate Finished Dimensions

4.) Enclose a check payable to AZ Gallery for the entry fee (1 entry $25.00; 2 entries $32.50; 3 entries $37.50. Or enclose the following credit card information printed very legibly: Name appearing on Card, Card #, and Expiration Date. Please include your zip code.

5.) Mail your entry to:

AZ Gallery "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Entry
308 Prince Street, Suite 130
St. Paul, MN 55101

All entries must be received by Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

CALENDAR: The following outlines the show’s events:

June 22 – deadline for entries
June 24 – notification to accepted artists by email or phone
June 29 - hand delivery of artwork (5:00 PM – 8:00 PM)
July 2 – 5-9 p.m. - Opening Reception & Lowertown First Friday Reception; awards at 7:30pm

July 31 – pick up of artwork by artists (2:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

July 2 through July 31, 2010 - Exhibition is free and open to the public. The gallery receives much traffic during the St. Paul Farmer’s Market and during the Lowertown First Friday opening receptions.

Gallery hours:
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Fridays
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Saturdays (during the summer months)
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Sundays (during the summer months)


AZ Gallery was founded in 1997 as a non-profit cooperative art gallery to display work of emerging artists. Located in the artist community of Lowertown in downtown St. Paul, AZ Gallery is a major contributor to the growing cultural and artistic richness the area has to offer. AZ Gallery is located in the Northern Warehouse Building between Black Dog Cafe and Tanpopo Noodle Shop. Visit our web site at

AZ Gallery looks forward to having you participate in our “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” exhibition!

For more information, please contact:



2 White Russians Slide Into An Artist

March 25th, 2010

2 White Russians Slide Into An Artist

ba da boom! no seriously folks! so Here's what I was thinkin' If in the course of humankindness, 6 or 7 times someone looks at one of my pieces, and it makes them think of good times, fond memories,lost loved ones or the girl they never kissed, that ain't all bad, it's kinda like magic. Anybody that can drive a truck (30 year truck driver) and make a few bucks.....but makin' magic, well that's kinda......magical.........good night

Offsite Art Contest

September 1st, 2009

Altered Esthetics, the non profit art gallery whose board of directors I am proud to be a member of, is looking for entries for their 2010 featured artist contest. The cost is $10 for the 1st submission and $7 for each additional submission. For more information You can visit .Artists chosen will have their artwork prominently displayed in the brick and mortar show, featured on the website, postcards, and the 2010 calendar, and receive 10 calendars. De De Sorenson, that some of You know from FAA, had her work chosen last year for the show "art of performance". In their 5 years of existence AE has shown the artwork of over 800 artists worldwide, and feature each artist on their website. I've shown in numerous shows, other FAA members that I'm aware of that have shown with us include Wisconsin's own Darkest Artist, and Amy Marie Adams from Romania. This truly is an artists gallery. Please take a look at the website, deadline for submissions is September 15th.

Altered Esthetics works to sustain the historical role of artists as a true voice of society through our exhibits, events, services, workshops and programs.

2010 Exhibition Season Themes


Bike Art V

Burning Books

Cities vs. Suburbs

Comic Art



Just So Stories

Level_13: Classic Video Game Art

Resident Artists VI: Creative Collaboration

Street Art

Not so Bad

August 8th, 2009

Not so Bad

I was reading a discussion the other day, about a hotel offering wall space to local artists. Some felt that it was an insult to artists. That artists need to stand up to this type of exploitation. Some felt that the hotel should step up to the plate, and buy local artists work. Oh, in a perfect world, all the employees of the hotel would get together and discuss some of their favorite artists they’ve seen on their many open studio tours (I did say “in a perfect world”), and then a select group would set up meetings with these artists to view their work. On planet earth I have to believe, that the way it would play out is as follows, The hotel would contact the largest gallery in the area, the gallery would charge a few dollars for picking the artwork, and would choose the work of one or two of the most prominent and successful artist in the area. The gallery would make out like bandits, taking both a commission from the artist, and a concierge fee from the hotel, and a well known artist would get a few more sales. Or, maybe they would tell Bob in purchasing to go buy some artwork for the walls. Now Bob happens to think His kid could paint a Picasso, that Kandinsky was a linebacker for the Packers, and that Michael Angelo owns the pizza joint on the corner. I think that there is nothing wrong with free walls, and who knows, maybe there will be that one guy or gal, that is just bored silly by hotels, that takes the time to look at the artwork, and kind of gets it. Maybe He or She is so moved by the experience, that upon returning home, they do a couple of “open studio tours” find a local artist they like, and they start buying original artwork. Not a perfect world, but all in all, not so bad.

The Sun and the Moon

February 1st, 2009

The Sun and the Moon

I recently did a small tribute piece of Alexander Calder. Growing up in the sixties, and having Life magazine delivered to the house, I was aware of Calder. I thought His mobiles were cool. Also recently, but earlier than the other recently I had come across some of His early circus paintings. Being a bit naive (that’s untrained, in art lingo) I wasn’t aware of His earlier work.
Some of You were probably already familiar with His story, after all, He is one of the most successful, and influential American artists of the twentieth century. On the other hand, I being a bit new to this game, and My aforementioned affliction, needed to google Alexander up.
I found that along with thinking His mobiles were cool, and that I loved His circus paintings. He seemed like a nice guy, someone You would have liked to have known. I read that when He was Younger, He was working shipboard off the coast of Guatemala and observed the moon on one horizon, and the sun on the other. He mentioned throughout His life, how that moment had a profound effect upon Him, so I used that in the title of the drawing. In the 20’s when He moved to Paris He created the Cirque Calder, small movable sculptures made of wire and leather, and found objects, that would fit in a trunk. He would travel, and give performances of His circus, and continued showing His circus throughout His life. This circus, and working with wire, led to His early sculptures, and eventually to His mobiles.
Here was a young and struggling artist, that through experimenting with a different medium than His usual , came up with an idea that used His artwork, His love of the circus, that could put a little bread on the table, and led ultimately to His discovering His artistic “voice”. I thought there was a good lesson in there
I thought that sounded like a pretty cool guy. That ,along with His bushy browed, and bejowled presence later in life, got Me to doodlin’ a little, and this sketch was the result. I hope to turn this into a painting sometime in the future. Maybe include some circus reference into the piece. It’s on the list

no thanks Mike

October 10th, 2008

I've started on a new project. I decided to resurrect an old 4 piece screen. You know like the show girls used to undress behind in those black and white movies. The one I picked up a few years ago, was just the frame work. I had to think how I was going to fill the panels. There had been ideas about expensive material, or a painting, perhaps a dragon. It has sat in the shed for at least 3 summers while I wrestled with this problem, or not. I finally decided to try a huge collage, 4 panels of great art works. I had to find some old art books ,that I wouldn't feel guilty cutting up. Something where I could feel like I was freeing the images to once again be admired by folks. This led to an interesting story, that You'll have to visit the discussion page to read about, cause I'm not doing all that typing again. Anyway I started cleaning up the frames....three freekin' days ago, jeez I'm used to crayons zip zap wallah, I mean if it aint done in six hours.. it's into the flat file, till a better day, but these damn screens, there spread all over My garage, saw dust everywhere, and I still have to cut the panels, prep em, then I have to cut all the flippin' "great masters" flippin' work, then I gotta learn how to do Deco Page or what ever they call it. Then I have to figure out what goes where, Ya can't just slap Your Bonnard down next to Your Whistler, if You know what I mean. I Mean this project is taking over My life. Now the pressure is starting to set in, I mean I'm gonna have quite a few hours tied up in this thing..quite a few f...... hours, and it's like shit this better be good. Then I thought about poor Michalangelo and that whole chapel thing...whew talk about pressure. That guy worked on that thing for years, I mean , thinkin' "is anyone going to like it, will they get the whole finger thing?" for years...too much tension. I'm getting this headache outta the way, and I'm going back to crayons.

Bicycle Lust

June 28th, 2008

Bicycle Lust

A tribute to My introduction to lust, the "Sting Ray"
When I was eleven years old Schwinn introduced the "sting Ray" the coolest set of
wheels to ever hit the planet. I had just won a 26" full dress Murray in a drawing
contest on the "Captain Ken Show" ( one of those 50's early 60's local after school T V programs) it had headlights ,it might have even had mud
flaps. It was red and white, with a whole lotta chrome( it was pretty) but then
the "Sting Ray came out, and it was like a Buick and a Corvette, and I thought I
was more of a Corvette kinda guy. I mean they were like sex on wheels, and I didn't even know
what sex was, yet I lusted for a set of these sporty wheels. Alas, the original sting ray cost $49.95 something like $500 today..a family of 5
boys,Me with a brand new "pretty" bike, My chances of actually getting My hands on one of these beauties... You got it "slim and none". but I could
dream. The other half of My tribute, is to an artist whose artwork would over the years come to Me in flashes, in snippets of dreams, it reached out to Me from My early, early Years, the ones You almost can't remember. It was at best a sort of hazy recollection of My favorite picture book.
This nagged at Me for years, I finally
did some research and discovered the book was "Tenggren's Cowboys and Indians" I
hopped on E-Bay and a week later I was curled up on the sofa with an orange Nehi
and a sack of Old Dutch potato chips getting reacquainted with Little Bear, Grubstake, Jon,Sue,
Grandpa, and all the folks at the Lazy River Ranch.
Gustaf Tenggren Born in 1896 in Sweden lived to be 74 years old.
He did Illustrations for popular Swedish Folk Stories in the 20's Later
He worked with Disney on background art for Pinocchio, and then as art director
for Snow White. In the 40's and 50's He did Illustrations for Children's books working with Golden Books.
His art work reached out to Me over a 50 year divide , that's kinda cool.
This piece "sweet Dream" and another that is in My FAA gallery "Dream ride" were done for a show at Altered Esthetics titled "bike art III"
One more thing. When I appeared on the Captain Ken show to receive My prize for "first place boys" there was also an eleven year old girl present to receive Her award for the girl's competition. There I was. They rolled that shiny new bike out for Me, I must have had a grin from ear to ear, and then they awarded Her...a doll. To this day I still remember the look on Her face. It was My first realization that life isn't always fair to chicks, and being a guy had it's advantages

When My time comes

June 13th, 2008

When My time comes

Seems I have been to a few too many funerals lately. There also has been a number of celebrity deaths in the news, Harvey Korman, Bo Diddley,Dick Martin, John McKay. It got Me to thinking about when My time comes to "hang it up" as it were. I love old movies, the black and white ones, so I visualize My exit scene in this medium. There I am propped up in some hugh Victorian Monstrosity of a bed, I'm wearing this smoking jacket, the kind with the quilted lapels, the sun is filtering through sheer drapes at the window beside the bed. The window looks out over, now here I haven't decided yet if I'd like some sylvan scene of rolling woodlands with some of those split rail fences, or a peaceful seaside, I thought about a Paris, or New York scene with a mourning throng in the streets, but I never much liked throngs, so We'll throw that one out. A gentle breeze ruffles the curtains, and the family and close friends come in. My wife is dressed like Barbara Billingsly (I think that's Her Name) the mother from leave it to Beaver, the pearls the starched dress, of course in real life, My wife will probably strangle Me for dressing Her like this in My musings. I have them all sit with Me privately, and I disperse last words of consolation, and wisdom. My wife, My daughter, My Granddaughters, All My great Grand Children (this takes place in the distant future) Hell I even remember all the little bugger's names as I ruffle their perfect little mop heads, My friends, My fellow artists, the people from the Guggenheim, and MOMA (what the hell, right) anyway when they all reassemble around the bed, and My lovely wife is by My side holding My hand, You know I look so brave. A beam of light filters through the curtains and alights on My face, I turn and look out the window, one last time, a smile crosses My face, I'm very weak at this point, I feebly motion to My wife to come closer, I whisper something in Her ear, and I'm gone. My wife lowers Her head to My hand, a slight shudder goes through Her being, She shakes Her head a few times, then lifts Her head and turns to face those gathered, and says "what a jerk" and smiles. The group lets out a collective gasp at this reaction, and plead with their eyes, and finally My youngest Great Grand son, Vincent ask what they are all thinking " Oh Gamma Soo, tell Us what did the great man say" (or something along those lines) and My wife says " the asshole said "ROSEBUD" yup leave em moaning.

Howlin at the moon

June 4th, 2008

Howlin at the moon

Tis the season, not vacation, not fishing... garage sales! Oh the season kicked off a couple of weeks ago around here, but now we're hitting prime time. I have previously admitted My addiction to this, quite possibly the second oldest profession (trying to get someone to give You money for Your old junk) (and by that I refer to the garage salesmen, not the oldest profession, so please no letters) Some don't "get garage sales, or browsing through "junk" shops, their loss, Me thinks. Sneaking a peek in a lit window, when passing by in a car or walking down the lane (not to be confused with, standing on Your tiptoes, and licking the window, or something along those lines) has been brought up in discussion recently. Well garage sales are kinda like that, except instead of a quick glance (where, what You usually see, is some guy watching tv, very seldom do You come across a "postman rings twice" scene being played out on the kitchen table...sigh) Now where was I, Oh Ya garage sales where People say, "come in here examine My life, see what books I read, what movies I watch, that I once payed good money for a singing bass plaque" how cool is that!, Margaret Mead, eat Your heart out. I love finding treasures, just the kid in Me. I'm not talking about one of those finds You see on Antique Road Show, where like it was found in a dumpster, and it turns out to be an ashtray, that George Washington made in the 3rd grade or something, and its worth something like what You would pay on Ebay for a waffle that looked like the Madonna (we're talking serious coin) No I'm talking about treasures, like some old tool, and nobody knows what it's for. or a cool old book, or sometimes just something sparkly...ooooooo sparkly. I picked up a cool book the other day for $1, it's "the Vincent Price Treasury of American Art" copyright 1970 it's one of those coffee table books, I don't even own a coffee table, what the hell was I thinking, well ,anyway, it was still a steal, I've had no artistic training, I've admitted My ignorance, about art history, so this is pretty cool for Me (a $1 treasure) oh oh first thing before I ramble right past it...1st page of the book with artwork on it is titled "Artist Unknown" and right below that is the picture "self Portrait-Thomas Smith"....unknown? Gotta Love that kinda stuff. anyway back to that thin stream I was following. Noah's ark- Edward Hicks 1846, Corn Husking Frolic-Alvin Fisher 1828,Daniel Webster-George Peter Alexander 1852, I could go on, and on there is so much of good art, I haven't seen, and if someone ,like Myself ,that has a very real interest in art, (although admittedly quite ignorant) where am I going here... if people that think of themselves as artists, and I'm guessing that I'm not alone in My ignorance of these great artists (this is where I find out everyone is a devotee of Alvin Fisher?) and,don't know of these guys. RAMBLE ALERT- I once read on an art website, an interview with an art columnist , and He talked about a recent assignment, where He got to interview, an older Nationally Established artist. He thought that this would be a great break, from interviewing Young, angry artists, pissed off at gallery owners, and the art public, what He found was the old dude was just as pissed at the same people, just from a different angle. So recognition will always be elusive for nearly all artists. I guess, then being part of the "coffee clatch" and getting a few "atta boys" from My fellow artists here, help keep the old dobber up (as they say) and hope like hope that 150 years from now, some dope buys a book,looks through it and says "Now!, that is one cool picture... but , who's this Todd Peterson dude?" or at the very least someone some day shows up on Antique Road Show, with one of My pieces, and isn't told that the frame is worth more than the artwork. Of course I won't be around, so for now Ill just say Thank You to everyone that has left a comment, about My artwork. We all just want a little recognition (and maybe a sale now and then) but the encouragement from fellow artists is nice, yup that fits.... it's very very nice. Yup tis the season... now where was I? oh ya garage sales...zzzzzzzzzzzz

He rambled on, and on

May 27th, 2008

Just sitting here looking out the window, don't cha know. This will be a blog about: nothing, You know, like .. write what You know about, right ? That last blog/rant, hey I gotta keep My grouchy old man cred, wouldn't want them to revoke My membership. My big old dog (Old Yeller look alike) kept nudging My elbow, as if to say "dude give it a rest" He is a wise soul. I'm sitting here, as I do most mornings, listening to the amazing Sony music machine. I have one of those Sonys that hold 300 discs, and I just put it on random. These things are great
(so if anyone at Sony reads this, just e-mail Me I'll send You the mailing address ) little B.B. then 3 doors down, Slim Harpo, and now Dizzy, I'm just getting a bit "jazzed" up to start a new piece. I had so much fun with Vincent and the asparagi, thought I'd start a famous artists with produce series. With Me a series usually means 2 works, then I get bored, or some other crazy idea pops into My head,aaaand we're off somewhere else. Oh now that's different "I want Your body" by Nymphomaniac it's off the "true romance" sound track. Yes, Yes a little ranting, some music, and a cup of coffee, or three (had to get it Myself, oh woe is Me) wait here a sec, gotta get up and dance with the dog, His name is Bear, and He loves to dance, what a nut job. o k I'm back...oooo the Balfa brothers, gotta love a little Cajun swamp rock. Bear want's to dance some, I think His morning water is kicking in, gotta let Him out. blast from the past, Dusty Springfield. You may have timed this out, did the math as they say, and have figured out, that I'm either a slow typist, or just a slow thinker (little of both I'm afraid) also a terrible speller, gotta love spell check. Fats Domino. A couple of years ago I took a p/t job with a small publication, anyway they only had about 2 computers, so for most communications to subscribers, advertisers You either got in line or grabbed a typewriter (Met Him on a of those old girl groups from the 60's) anyway first time I sat down at the typewriter it hit Me... no spell check!, ever spell anything so atrociously that (hey I actually got that one right on the first try!) anyway You're so far off, that spell check has noooo idea what you're trying to say? Happens to Me all the time, a little Counting Crows. Well You can't say I didn't warn You, about the subject matter. Nothing. Well the coffee's kicking in, and I gotta get to work on "Henri and the tomatoes" Have fun, be good to each other, and what the heck, as Liz says "take Your shirt off"


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